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Solar Power for Beginners: How to Design and Install the Best Solar Power System for Your HomeНазвание: Solar Power for Beginners: How to Design and Install the Best Solar Power System for Your Home
Автор: Paul Holmes, Shalve Mohile
Издательство: Monkey Publishing
Год: 2020
Страниц: 166
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, azw
Размер: 27.4 MB

Labor-related costs account for a large portion of the cost for an average home solar installation. With this beginner-friendly guide, you can save hundreds of dollars setting up your solar system at home. Even if you don't know anything about electricity, you will able to set up your custom solar system without a headache. In case you plan to hire a solar professional to do the work for you this book will empower you to ask the right questions and avoid unnecessary costs.

Solar Power Engineers and Consultants Paul Holmes and Shalve Mohile, will guide you through the process of how to install a solar system with illustrated step-by-step instructions. This comprehensive manual covers everything you need to know to assemble your rooftop solar panels - From determining the right size for your solar system, and mounting the racking to setting up the electrical connections and maintaining the system, this book will guide you through all the steps necessary to start and complete your project.

Much of the information available online is hard to understand and is bogged down with too many technical details. This DIY guide takes a different approach and focuses on the essentials, using vivid examples and an easy-to-understand language that even a total beginner will enjoy reading.

In detail you will discover:

The mechanics of solar systems and how to apply it to power your home
Beginner-friendly methods for calculating your energy needs
Step-by-step instructions on sizing your solar system
A buying guide to purchase your solar equipment (solar panels, inverters, racking)
Methods for optimal roof sizing and panel orientation
Ways to install the racking and connect the solar panels to your racking equipment
Detailed instructions on how to install a solar inverter and setting up electrical connections
Ways to prevent short circuits and fire hazards
Tips and tricks that will save you time and money

Equipped with this blueprint for designing your rooftop solar system, living a self-sufficient life has never been easier.

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