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Название: Rajziskola
Автор: Navratyil Edina
Издательство: Aranyhal Konyvkiado
Год: 2003
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 64
Размер: 25.5 Мб
Язык: венгерский

Школа рисования. Конечно, вы любите рисовать так же, как любой ребенок, и вы хотите, чтобы он становился все лучше и лучше. Эта книга была создана, чтобы помочь вам в этом. Сначала он учит вас, как рисовать животных, затем человеческие фигуры, и учит вас объекты, формы, направления.
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Название: Суриковская школа рисунка. 1940-2010
Автор: Гавриляченко С.А.
Издательство: М.: В. Шевчук
Год: 2012
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 256
Размер: 50 mb
Язык: Русский

Учебное пособие "Суриковская школа рисунка. 1940-2010 гг." практически впервые знакомит с малодоступными для изучения рисунками, хранящимися в методическом фонде МГАХИим. В.И.Сурикова. Издание продолжает традицию публикации обучающих образцов, дополняет и расширяет ее введением наследия суриковской академической школы.
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Название: Architect's Drawings: A selection of sketches by world famous architects through history
Автор: Kendra Schank Smith
Издательство: Routledge
ISBN: 0750657197
Год: 2010
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 288
Размер: 21,9 МБ
Язык: Английский

The sketch is a window into the architects mind. As creative designers, architects are interested in how other architects, particularly successful ones, think through the use of drawings to approach their work. Historically designers have sought inspiration for their own work through an insight into the minds and workings of people they often regard as geniuses.

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Название: Draw 50 Birds
Автор: Lee J. Ames
Издательство: Ten Speed Press
Год: 2013
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 426
Для сайта: mymirknig.ru
Размер: 13,53 Мб
Язык: английский

Draw 50 Birds teaches aspiring artists how to draw with ease by following simple, step-by-step instructions. Celebrated author Lee J. Ames brings together dozens of birds from around the world, including the puffin, the peacock, the dodo bird, the dove, the great horned owl, and even the common chicken. Ames's illustration style and renowned drawing method has made him a leader in the step-by-step drawing manual.
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Название: Comic Artist's Photo Reference Women And Girls
Автор: Buddy Scalera
Издательство: F+W Media
Год: 2011
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 242
Для сайта: mymirknig.ru
Размер: 12.9 Мб
Язык: английский

Whether a scene calls for your heroines to be sexy, scared or savage, Comic Artist's Photo Reference: Women and Girls will help them strike the right pose. With more than 100 reference photos to choose from, you'll find the inspiration you need in to give your female characters attitude, believability and life.
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Название: Perspective Drawing Handbook
Автор: Joseph DAmelio
Издательство: Dover Publications
Год: 2004
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 98
Размер: 44.0 Мб
Язык: английский

Concise, thoughtfully written text on drawing and sketching, accompanied by more than 150 simply drawn illustrations, provides important information on such subjects as diminution, foreshortening, convergence, shade and shadow, and other visual principles of perspective. Illustrations depict a sense of space and depth, demonstrate vanishing points and eye level.
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Название: Vivid Colored Pencil
Автор: Irina Garmashova-Cawton
Издательство: Ann Kullberg
Год: 2017
Формат: jpg / pdf
Страниц: 88(сдвоенные)
Размер: 212.8 MB / 8.7 MB
Язык: English

Learn from a living master... This long awaited, comprehensive book by Irina Garmashova-Cawton is one of the most beautiful, generous and ground-breaking books ever offered to colored pencil artists. It's step by step instruction for breathtaking projects - but also so much more. Irina will teach you underlying concepts so you can easily transfer what you learn to your own work.
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Название: Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy
Автор: Christopher Hart
Издательство: Watson-Guptill
Год: 2000
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 340
Для сайта: mymirknig.ru
Размер: 10.2 Мб
Язык: английский

From head to toe, the human form, in all its complexities, is visually simplified to such a degree in this remarkable workbook that even complete beginners will soon be able to draw accurate, well-proportioned faces and figures every time they try.
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Название: The Paint Pouring Workshop: Learn to Create Dazzling Abstract Art with Acrylic Pouring
Автор: Marcy Ferro
Издательство: Lark Crafts
Год: 2019
Формат: epub
Страниц: 128
Размер: 11.9 Mb
Язык: English

Jump into the exciting world of paint pouring—and instantly create dazzling, abstract art—with this comprehensive how-to guide by the popular founder of the Mixed Media Girl YouTube channel.
Paint pouring—which involves using a free-flowing acrylic paint mixture created with a pouring medium, such as glue and water—is the hottest trend for making abstract art. In this fun, colorful guide, Marcy Ferro explains everything about working in this popular form. Learn how to create eye-catching color combos, set up a dedicated (or a paint-proof) workspace, control your pours, and much more. Along with the essentials, Ferro demonstrates a wide range of techniques, from familiar favorites such as the dirty pour and flip cup to novel ways of manipulating paint with a hair dryer or string. With Marcy’s guidance, mesmerizing paintings are just a pour away!
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Название: Rosebud in Colored Pencil - Step by Step Instruction
Автор: Judith Selcuk
Издательство: Ann Kullberg
Год: 2019
Формат: jpg / pdf
Страниц: 13
Размер: 10.2 MB / 5.1 MB
Язык: English

The object of this lesson is to learn how to layer different colored pencils to achieve new, rich color that don't exist in just one pencil from your set. You will also learn how to shade following the shape of an object to create a 3D effect and how to blend using only colored pencils.
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