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Название: Animation Masterclasses: From Pencils to Pixels
Автор: Tony White
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2023
Формат: True PDF
Страниц: 828
Размер: 26 Mb
Язык: English

Today, it is commonly believed that if you learn software, you can become an animator. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Master animators are trained and not born. Software, as is the humble pencil, is merely yet another tool through which an animator can apply their knowledge. However, neither software nor pencils give you that knowledge, nor do they do the work for you. If you place a fully trained master animator on a computer, or give them a pencil, they’ll astound you with their mastery. However, if you put a nontrained animator on a computer, all you will have is a technician creating moving objects ・ as you’ll see all over YouTube and other video platforms.
This book teaches you exactly how to become a Master Animator ・ whether you ultimately plan to use pencils, computers, drawing tablets or rigged characters. It’s a complete course in its own right, being a collection of 48 masterclasses gleaned from the author’s 50 years of experience of top-level animating, teaching and filmmaking. It will also train you in the value and application of observational gesture drawing. This book of masterclasses by a master of the art, Tony White , is entirely designed to be THE definitive reference book for students learning how to make things move really well ・ as well as how to create films once you know how to do so.
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Название: The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Manga Action Furries (With Over 1,000 Illustrations)
Автор: Genkosha Studio, Hitsujirobo
Издательство: Tuttle
Год: 2022
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 147
Размер: 31,3 Mb
Язык: English

Bring your own anthropomorphic fantasy characters to life! Furries fuse human and animal characteristics to create unique and fantastical hybrid forms. This book contains everything you need to start drawing furries for the printed page, for the screen, or for cosplay characters. Follow the lead of 14 professional Japanese artists as they show you how to create scores of unique human-animal hybrid characters.
In the hands of these expert teachers, you'll learn to draw:
Fierce reptilian fighters and beastmen
Cute chibi versions of your favorite pet animals
Furries seen from every possible angle and perspective
Realistic poses with believable motions performing dynamic actions
Characters based on cats, dogs, wolves, foxes, goats, birds, whales, sharks, horses, crocodiles, dragons—and many more!
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Название: Основы рисования
Автор: Альберт Г., Вульф Р. (ред.)
Издательство: Мн.: Попурри
Год: 2001
Cтраниц: 128
Формат: pdf
Размер: 26 мб
Язык: русский

В книге рассказано и показано, как рисовать разными средствами фигуры и лица людей, животных, вещи, пейзажи и другие явления окружающего мира. Для широкого круга начинающих художников-графиков. Поэтапно осваивая приемы выполнения рисунка и углубляя свои знания о различных средствах рисования, вы встанете на путь, ведущий к успеху.
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Название: Sketching Tutorial: Pure Beauty Characters
Автор: Nicholas Sheppard
Издательство: Nicholas Sheppard
Год: 2021
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 640
Размер: 25,7 МБ
Язык: Английский

You can learn to sketch not only from the boring plaster body, but also from your close friends! Don't think that sketching is difficult, but if you study this book and practice it, you will be able to sketch easily!

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Название: Pen Drawing Tutorial: The World of Black and White Under the Nib
Автор: Nicholas Sheppard
Издательство: Nicholas Sheppard
Год: 2021
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 720
Размер: 66,3 МБ
Язык: Английский

This is a pen drawing tutorial. From practicality and ease of learning, this book provides a comprehensive explanation and analysis of pen drawing expression techniques. The book begins with an introduction to pre-drawing instructions, chapters 1-6 explain line, perspective, sketching and light and shadow, body block, framing and composition, rhythm and rhyme, chapter 7 explains the performance of different materials, chapter 8 explains the performance of common elements, chapter 9 explains the performance of people, chapters 10-12 are case studies of architectural landscapes, natural landscapes and integrated scenes.

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Название: Sketching Tutorial: Beautiful Landscapes
Автор: Nicholas Sheppard
Издательство: Nicholas Sheppard
Год: 2020
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 455
Размер: 29,7 МБ
Язык: Английский

You can learn to sketch not only from boring plaster bodies, but also from the beautiful landscapes around you! Don't think sketching is hard, but if you study this book and practise, you'll be able to do it with ease! The book is divided into 6 sections, ranging from the basics of sketching to the methods of drawing strange landscapes, vast seascapes, dense forests, buildings of all colours and so on, all of which are explained in rich detail.

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Название: Watercolor Painting Tutorial
Автор: Nicholas Sheppard
Издательство: Nicholas Sheppard
Год: 2021
Формат: EPUB
Страниц: 380
Размер: 17,6 МБ
Язык: Английский

This book is an introductory watercolor painting animal techniques tutorial, there are 3 major parts, including 50 representative cases, from the specific introduction and practical use of watercolor tools, to easily master the seven tips in watercolor painting, from shallow to deep one-stop mastery, 50 cases step-by-step detailed, from color mixing to skills, hands-on teaching you watercolor painting methods, so that even a small white person without a foundation in painting can, in 30 minutes, easily The cute painting style and dynamic colors bring out the healing feeling of the cute animals we see everyday on the paper.

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Название: Saving Face: My Year+ Journey in Caricature
Автор: Mitchell Bernal
Издательство: Worn Pants
Год: 2021
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 100
Размер: 107,1 МБ
Язык: Английский

This book compiles my over a year journey into learning how to caricature. I've always been in awe of those that can create a likeness while distorting or exaggerating their features. As an artist, I've struggled with likenesses, I can do them, but they felt more mechanical. I committed myself to at least a year in this journey of learning this art form.

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Название: Рисунок, Живопись, Композиция: Хрестоматия
Автор: Ростовцев Н.Н. и др.
Издательство: М.: Просвещение
Год: 1989
Cтраниц: 215
Формат: pdf
Размер: 32 мб

В пособие включены отрывки из трудов и высказывания выдающихся художников и теоретиков изобразительного искусства, содержащие размышления об основах реалистического искусства и методические рекомендации по овладению навыками изобразительной деятельности. В конце книги помещены Примечания, содержащие краткие сведения об авторах.
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Название: Серия "Шедевры живописи на ладони" в 17 книгах
Автор(ы): разные
Издательство: Москва
Год: 2016-2021
Страниц: 1000+
Формат: PDF
Размер: 505 Мб
Язык: русский

История живописи – это могучая река времени, состоящая из имен, стилей и направлений, которая берет свое начало в глубокой древности, в те времена, когда люди создавали свои первые картины на стенах пещер. Эта река только с одним берегом, другой – теряется в бесконечности.
В серии "Шедевры живописи на ладони" представлены мини-альбомы по искусству с большим количеством красочных иллюстраций. Легко помещаются в дамской сумочке.

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