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Learn ESP32 With Arduino: Arduino Coding, ESP32 Coding, Circuit Diagram, IoT Projects, MQTTНазвание: Learn ESP32 With Arduino: Arduino Coding, ESP32 Coding, Circuit Diagram, IoT Projects, MQTT
Автор: Janani Sathish
Издательство: Amazon.com Services LLC
Год: 2021
Страниц: 264
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 33.0 MB

I want to go over some of the reasons why, in my opinion, the ESP 32 is an incredible microcontroller and why you should use it in your IoT projects. For starters, the ESP 32 is very powerful. It contains a dual-core CPU that can be clocked at 8,160 or 240 megahertz. That's quite a lot of computing power in a reasonably small. It also has a ULP or ultra-low power coprocessor. And this is a much slower process, or they can be used to perform smaller tasks while the big dual-core CPU is in a night of sleep. Now, besides killer processors, the ESB 32 also has a ton of memory. It includes 512 kilobytes of on-chip SRM memory used for data and programs instructions. Besides this there's also support for external memory and depending on your board, that might be as much as four to eight megabytes. This means that the ESP 32 is also suitable for some heavier tasks, like connecting with cameras, recognizing speech streaming data from the internet. And. But the biggest reason why I think this chip is so good is that it has built-in wifi and Bluetooth. So no need for additional radio modules like you would see on most Arduino boards, the ESP 32 is just one chip with everything in one package. The rest of the IO is pretty impressive as well.

There is a 12 bit ADC which can be used to measure external voltages. There are 10 touch sensors for detecting capacitive touches, an led power management chip, a hall effect sensor built-in acceleration for encryption. And again, depending on your board, up to 34 programmable GPI open. So basically the ESP 32 is a very versatile chip that can be used for many IoT projects. And if you use all of this power wisely, you can even let it run on a battery for a very long time. we'll focus on it. And finally, I want to mention that the ESB 32 also supports the Arduino framework. If you know how to program an Arduino board, then you already know how to work with the ESB 32. And it also implies that all of the Arduino libraries that already exist also work on the ESP 32, a huge advantage.

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