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Customized Production Through 3D Printing in Cloud ManufacturingНазвание: Customized Production Through 3D Printing in Cloud Manufacturing
Автор: Lin Zhang, Longfei Zhou, Xiao Luo
Издательство: Elsevier
Год: 2023
Страниц: 214
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 18.9 MB

Customized Production Through 3D Printing in Cloud Manufacturing explains how to combine the latest cloud manufacturing and additive manufacturing technology to find innovative solutions to important problems in research and industry.

The manufacturing industry strives constantly to improve levels of product personalization for its customers, who have become increasingly demanding in this respect in recent decades. Among the tools currently growing in use in the industry, there is great potential to address this demand. Cloud manufacturing maps manufacturing resources and capabilities to the cloud, adding the capacity to gather decentralized manufacturing resources and use manufacturing services on-demand, and 3D printing provides strong support for truly individualized manufactured components.

This is the first book to cover the whole lifecycle of 3D printing services in a cloud environment, including topics like: cloud servitization of 3D printers, 3D printing model design, supply-demand matching and scheduling, on-demand using and pricing, printing monitoring in cloud, and printing service evaluation. With a systematic introduction to this promising manufacturing paradigm, as well as coverage of models and service management to practical applications, this book will meet the needs of a broad range of researchers as well as practitioners.

Cloud manufacturing is a new service-oriented, efficient and low consumption networked intelligent manufacturing model. It integrates existing technologies including information manufacturing, cloud computing, Internet of Things, service computing, intelligent science and high-performance computing, extends and changes traditional networked manufacturing and service technologies, to realize intelligent, win-win, universal and efficient sharing and collaboration by making all kinds of manufacturing resources and capabilities visualized and service-oriented and carring out unified and centralized intelligent management of the services. Cloud manufacturing can provide high-quality, cheap, safe and reliable services that can be obtained at any time and used on demand through networks for the whole life cycle process of manufacturing, which will make manufacturing resources and capabilities as easy to use as water, electricity and gas. The idea of cloud manufacturing has been widely accepted by academia and industry worldwide in the past decade.

Keeping on the idea of “centralized use of distributed resources and integrated management of centralized services,” a cloud service platform can be built to provide a brand new industrial ecological environment to help manufacturing enterprises at different development stages of industry 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 to improve their innovation ability, customized manufacturing ability and market competitiveness.

Compared with traditional manufacturing enterprises’ closed environments, the cloud manufacturing service platform is committed to achieving a cross-enterprise and cross-sector open manufacturing environment. The information of the whole supply chain can be fully shared. A virtual enterprise with huge manufacturing ability and high flexibility can be formed with the support of the cloud platform to efficiently finish orders placed on the platform.

Provides readers with a unique combined technical overview of two rapidly developing technologies and how they interact in a modern manufacturing system
Explores important challenges to security and privacy posed by these new technologies
Draws on valuable knowledge of how these technologies have been applied in innovative industry settings

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