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Название: VISIR Handbook: Analog Electronics With the VISIR Remote Lab: Real Online Experiments
Автор: Unai Hernández-Jayo, Javier García-Zubía, Gustavo R. Alves
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing
Год: 2024
Страниц: 278
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 16.8 MB

In 2006, the Signal Processing Department at Blekinge Institute of Technology and Axiom EduTECH in Sweden worked with National Instruments Corporation in Texas, USA, to set up the Virtual Instrument Systems in Reality (VISIR) Project, which operates as a remote laboratory for electric and electronic circuits.The VISIR remote laboratory is currently the only system that delivers practical experiments with electronics without the need to go to a traditional lab. This is of increasing importance given the expansion of online education. There is a mass of scientific literature that collects results on the use of VISIR remote laboratory, however, there are few reference works that provide an in-depth exploration of the laboratory's performance and potential. VISIR Handbook acts as a guide for users, demonstrating many of the real (remote) experiments that can be achieved and replicated with this laboratory. Most importantly, this book demonstrates how VISIR can be used as a learning tool for students. The approach of the book is designed on two levels, with an administrator/researcher approach and a teacher/student approach.

The reader interested in this book has three reasons or scenarios for reading and using it. The reader who is only interested in using VISIR will find in Part 2 a set of ready-to-use classroom and laboratory activities. But if the reader also wants to master VISIR as a whole so that he or she can decide which circuits to use and how to create them, then Part 1 will be perfect for his or her interests. In addition, VISIR’s success and longevity allow the reader to reflect in Part 3 on various aspects of electronics education and to ask technical and didactical questions that will place him or her at the cutting edge of VISIR research. This book can therefore be read in order, but the reader can also organize his or her reading according to his or her interests.

According to the characteristics defined by Garcia-Zubia, the VISIR laboratory, given the nature of the experiments that can be performed there, is a real remote laboratory, since the circuits designed by the user in the web interface are built in a real way in the switching matrix that is part of the laboratory’s hardware infrastructure. Regarding the user’s interaction with VISIR, the laboratory executes the configuration of the circuit and the taking of measurements in batch mode, although it is true that to carry out these actions, only a few milliseconds are necessary. User perception is that of running an interactive session and obtaining the data in real time.

VISIR offers users full control of the experiment since they can change both the logic structure of the experiment (build the circuit they want) and the excitation values of the input signals. Similarly, a user can configure the measuring instruments on a variety of scales, making it ­possible to analyze the behavior of the circuit under test from different perspectives. These are therefore combinational experiments in which, depending on the input parameters, the user can observe different outputs. We must not forget that the VISIR remote laboratory is designed to be used within the didactics and practice of analog electronics.

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