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User Experience Design: An Introduction to Creating Interactive Digital SpacesНазвание: User Experience Design: An Introduction to Creating Interactive Digital Spaces
Автор: Mark Wells
Издательство: ‎Laurence King Publishing
Год: 2023
Страниц: 160
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 33.3 MB

We all engage with digital user experience design and user interfaces every day - if you are reading this on an e-commerce platform then you are doing it right now. This is an invaluable introduction for designers and creatives on how to create successful digital environments for users.

The discipline of graphic design is increasingly carried out in the virtual sphere, with a greater emphasis on user interaction and user experience than ever before. This book takes students through the crucial stages and skills that are needed for creating successful interactive digital environments, including:

Data collection
User analysis
Creating valid content
Design for different devices and platforms
Prototyping and visualization

This book is for you if you are studying a creative visual subject that encompasses user experience (UX) design or if you have a creative background and want to gain a broad understanding of UX design as it relates to digital and hybrid environments with a user focus. It will examine some of the most used design approaches and how to harness these to create engaging solutions for a client, explore different ways of identifying and understanding the audience for your product, and help you develop the content and visual interface for your product. It will help you build upon your pre-existing skills to create innovative, engaging and exciting products that utilize screen-based digital solutions.

Don Norman, one of the first people to use the term user experience, defines UX as being ‘everything ... and how you experience it’; it concerns the whole of a user’s journey, not just a single experience of using, for example, a website. Jakob Nielsen, a foremost expert in the field, reinforces this definition by saying that ‘UX is people’ – it is not about technology or computers, but about users and the design team who create the solutions. Nielsen identifies three constant principles in UX, which inform the key areas of this book: understand the user, test ideas and use iterative design.

Throughout the book a range of terminology is used to reference what you are creating for people to interact with: most often, this is called a product. Traditionally, when we think of products or product design we think of tangible three-dimensional objects, but the term product has developed and now also encompasses virtual objects: for example, traditional websites, augmented or virtual reality, or even voice user interfaces, in one form or another – these are all products that you, as a UX designer, might create.

The sections of the book reflect the basic UX design process:
1. Understanding
2. Research, discovery, analysis and definition
3. Development.

Visual examples range from screen shots to diagrams and physical prototypes, while case studies featuring digital agencies and creatives from around the world show how they approach each project.


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