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ChatGPT Doodle Diamond DiscoveryНазвание: ChatGPT Doodle Diamond Discovery
Автор: Cindy Donovan
Издательство: SociGem
Год: 2023
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 32.6 MB

Make Doodle Videos.

This secret Diamond Discovery lets anyone create captivating Doodle videos with ChatGPT in seconds. Doodle Videos are a great way to engage your audience, create compelling stories that get your message across and make it fun for your audience to shop with you.

With Doodle Diamond Discovery you’ll never need to pay for script writers or high cost SEO experts for your descriptions, tags and video channel content ever again!

By now I am sure you’ve heard about ChatGPT, that new thing from OpenAI that's totally changed the game when it comes to getting info. This AI is super smart and can talk about anything under the sun. And get this - it's a killer writer! From scripts and ads to how-to guides and stories, ChatGPT is basically a rockstar in the writing world. Doodle Diamond Discovery will show how you can create a script for doodle videos using ChatGPT. And then how, with the help of PowToon, to copy and paste each sentence into the software and make a video with it.

Doodle videos, sometimes also called whiteboard animation videos, are a unique animated marketing or training video style. These pieces usually show a hand drawing characters or the text, as a narrator tells the story and conveys your message. To be able to bring your message successfully across, you need to have a good script. We will show you how you can achieve this with the help of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a game-changer for writers. It can take care of all the boring writing stuff so you can let your creativity flow and find your own unique voice. Plus, it's got a ton of perks - like helping you come up with fresh ideas, saving you time by doing some of the grunt work, using its algorithms to make sure your writing is on point, and keeping costs low so you don't have to outsource. Oh, and did I mention it's totally customizable to fit your project's needs? Yeah, ChatGPT is just amazing!

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