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Artificial Intelligence: How Machine Learning Will Shape the Next Decade (WIRED guides)Название: Artificial Intelligence: How Machine Learning Will Shape the Next Decade (WIRED guides)
Автор: Matthew Burgess
Издательство: Random House Business
Год: 2021
Страниц: 208
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, mobi, epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

The past decade has witnessed extraordinary advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what precisely is it and where does its future lie?

In this brilliant, one-stop guide Matt Burgess explains everything you need to know about AI. He describes how it works. He looks at the ways in which it has already brought us everything from voice recognition software to self-driving cars, and explores its potential for further revolutionary change in almost every area of our daily lives. He examines the darker side of machine learning: its susceptibility to hacking; its tendency to discriminate against particular groups; and its potential misuse by governments. And he addresses the fundamental question: can machines become as intelligent as human beings?

Facebook posts you ‘Liked’ in your News Feed were shown to you because the company’s AI has been monitoring your past activity and can forecast the ones you’re most likely to give the thumbs-up. Netflix has been pushing films and shows at you because it already knows what you like. When you unlock your iPhone through facial recognition, this is because Apple’s algorithms have mapped your features and matched them with your stored faceprint.

Every Google search you do surfaces AI-fuelled results, generated by scraping the entire web’s contents and ranking what may be most relevant to your search. Maps on your car’s satnav generate the fastest routes based on a real-time understanding of movement data and knowledge of the world. And every time you mutter ‘Alexa’ – or Amazon’s smart speaker thinks it hears you say the wake-word – AI processes what you have said and delivers what it calculates to be the most appropriate response.

And we’re still in the fairly early days of the AI revolution. Over the next decade or so, there’s huge potential for AI to overhaul many of our most everyday activities – think self-driving cars and robotic delivery – and bring further benefits to the world. The technology will come to lead the fight against credit card fraud, help detect images of child sexual abuse being uploaded to the internet, and identify cyberattacks before they cripple businesses.

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