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Название: MacBook For Dummies, 10th Edition
Автор: Mark L. Chambers
Издательство: For Dummies
Год: 2024
Страниц: 432
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 13.2 MB

Discover the best tips and tricks for using your new Mac laptop.

For years, MacBook For Dummies has been making it easy to learn new technology. This new edition keeps the easy-to-follow instructions coming. Learn the basics of customizing your Dock and using desktop widgets. Then, figure out how to go on the internet, stream music, send instant messages, and more. Expert author Mark Chambers will show you how to navigate the macOS operating system and personalize your MacBook to your liking. And you'll learn your way around features like Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, SharePlay, and Handoff. Is this your first new computer in a while? MacBook For Dummies gives you the rundown on how to exist without an internal DVD drive. Whether you're a newbie or a Mac veteran looking for insider tips, this is the quick start guide for you.

You see, a laptop owner demands everything from a computer that a desktop owner does: reliability, performance, expandability, and ease of use. Owners of Mac Studio, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and iMac desktop computers can draw the line right there, because their computers are designed for a stationary existence. But you and I are MacBook owners. We also need that same computer to be an inch thick (or less). We demand that it run for hours on a single battery charge. We require that it be light as a feather. We want to conquer the coffee shop, the library, and even a lecture hall or two!

Today’s Apple laptops deliver all that and more. If you’ve bought one of these modern masterpieces — or you’re thinking about it — I applaud your good taste, common sense, and discerning eye. MacBooks have everything: super performance; a top-shelf LED screen; rugged reliability; and a trouble-free, powerful operating system.

I wrote this book for myself — and for every other MacBook owner who wants to become a laptop technowizard. In these pages, you find a guide to both your laptop’s hardware and macOS Sonoma, the latest version of Apple’s superb operating system. After I cover the basics that every laptop owner should know, you find out how to accomplish all sorts of cutting-edge audio, visual, and internet projects. (Oh, and if you already have another of my books, you know that I don’t skimp on the power-user tips and tricks that save you time, effort, and money.)

• Learn the features and productivity tools from macOS
• Stay protected by making the most of the built-in Mac security features
• Organize your life with Mac's multitasking feature, Stage Manager
• Discover how to stream music, edit videos, and share media content online

MacBook beginners and upgraders alike will graduate to power users of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, thanks to this trusted Dummies title.


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