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Название: Python for Data Science : The introduction to computer for absolutely beginners and advanced
Автор: Jason Cannon
Издательство: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Год: 2019
Страниц: 110
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 13.9 MB

If you are aspiring to be one of the recognized programmers using Python programming language and understand more on data management and analysis, then this is your book. The chapters in this book highlight some of the crucial statements in Python programming as well as the fundamental basics before going ahead and creating your first program. With computer programming becoming the thing of the future, most computer users wish to understand different values, codes and execution of these characters take place. As such, this book is the best choice for you.

It does not matter how deep you are with programming or if you are venturing into Python programming. This book comprises of chapters, which provide a systematic guide on how to meander through the basics of Python programming and reach the depths of punching your first codes. That said, the first chapter describes the basics, which are introductory part of understanding Python and learning about its incorporation, versions and acquiring it in your device. With different operating systems available today, downloading, installation and updating the software may become challenging, but the book provides a reliable tutorial to achieve this.

Similarly, the next chapter highlights variables typically used in Python to facilitate its operations. Python, like most programming languages, utilizes different variables to run its functions efficiently and obtain the required information. As one end, this chapter begins with an introduction to Python variables and goes ahead detailing the different types essential for the package. At one point, the section allows you to understand different other terms related to Python variables and creates a relation between the two for a more in-depth understanding of how these operations work. With the need to store data, codes, and values essential for running programs, Python, therefore, depends on variables for naming and storage of these items.

In the last chapter of this book, we venture into computer data management and analysis, which also plays a vital role when it comes to managing data. Well-maintained data suggests that users have a straightforward manner of creating, recording, accessing, retrieving and making changes where need be. As such, this book also offers vital elements in computer data management as well as a focusing on databases, which are the most common data management tools today. Data management has become the most useful component in computing, especially with the growing amount of data today. Data analysis, on the other hand, has been highlighted for you to understand some of its necessity primarily when seeking answers to specific problems. Data analysis exists in two forms; qualitative and quantitative analysis both detailed in this book.

Inside You Will Find:

- Definition and more in-depth understanding of Python programming language in computing
- The history, features, versions, and application of Python programs
- Different ways of downloading and installing Python various operating systems which are much unique across each machine
- Python variables including the definition of critical terms and the naming of different variables
- Types of variables and data variables in Python
- Computer data management and analysis
- Structures of database management systems, data modeling, integration and storage
- Phases of data analysis of both qualitative and quantitative methods of analyzing data... and more.

Скачать Python for Data Science : The introduction to computer for absolutely beginners and advanced

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