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Название: Ultimate Blazor WebAssembly for Web Development: Unlock the Full Potential of Blazor WebAssembly 8.0 and C# to Build High-Performance Web Applications with Ease
Автор: Chandradev Prasad Sah
Издательство: Orange Education Pvt Ltd, AVA
Год: 2024
Страниц: 265
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 84.8 MB

Empower Your Web Development with Blazor WASM 8.0. Ultimate Blazor WebAssembly for Web Developmentis your comprehensive guide to mastering the latest advancements in Blazor technology. This book will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage Blazor Web Assembly 8.0 and C# effectively and seamlessly to enhance the performance of your web apps. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting out, this book provides valuable insights and practical examples to help you build dynamic and responsive web applications with ease. You will harness the power of Blazor's component-based architecture to create rich user interfaces that engage and delight users. With expanded component libraries and optimized rendering, you will be able to deliver high-performance applications that meet the demands of modern web development. The book will help you discover how to streamline your development workflows, debug with confidence, and unleash the full potential of Blazor 8.0 in your projects. With a focus on practicality and real-world application scenarios, this book will empower you to elevate your skills and stay ahead in today's competitive market. This book is perfect for web developers and programmers aiming to advance their expertise in Blazor WebAssembly 8.0. While prior familiarity with C# and basic web development concepts is recommended, all readers can benefit from the comprehensive content provided. Whether you're a beginner looking to get started with Blazor or an experienced developer seeking to enhance your skills, this book provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to build robust and engaging web applications with Blazor WebAssembly.
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Название: How to Teach AI: Weaving Strategies and Activities into Any Content Area
Автор: Rachelle Dene Poth
Издательство: International Society for Technology in Education
Год: 2024
Страниц: 193
Язык: английский
Формат: epub (true)
Размер: 21.5 MB

Get practical tools and strategies for teaching AI across the K-12 curriculum with this accessible guide. As AI continues to transform our world, educators have a responsibility to stay current with the changes, and ensure that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the future. Written by an educator who is currently teaching on this topic, How to Teach AI shares practical strategies and tools based on what good practice looks like in the classroom right now. Readers will build confidence in integrating AI into their curriculum so they can effectively prepare students for their careers. In the chapters that follow, you will find accessible and practical tools to help you teach about and leverage the power of AI in your instructional practice. We will discuss the foundations of AI, such as algorithms, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, neural networks, and Generative AI (including the ubiquitous ChatGPT), and I’ll provide examples of how these technologies are being implemented in various industries, as well as their impact on education. Machine Learning (ML) is a component of Artificial Intelligence in which computer systems enhance their proficiency in tasks by analyzing data and patterns. Machine Learning relies on algorithms that have been trained on data, such as statistical models. These specialized algorithms then respond to this data, seek patterns in it, and learn from it so they can better analyze new, similar information. As an AI program’s knowledge base grows, it will continue to improve on past iterations (as it has been programmed to do), which, in turn, will expand the realm of possibilities for what it can do. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an upgrade from GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3), a trained language model that uses Deep Learning and can simulate human conversation.
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Название: Mastering Fortran : A Comprehensive Guide to Scientific Computing
Автор: Czar.eth
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2024
Страниц: 108
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 10.1 MB

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Fortran stands as a stalwart, a language that has shaped the very foundations of scientific computing. This book, meticulously crafted and thoughtfully presented, is your guide to unraveling the complexities of Fortran, from its syntax intricacies to its profound applications in scientific and engineering domains. Programming isn't just about writing lines of code; it's about empowering yourself to solve real-world challenges, to pioneer discoveries, and to innovate. Mastering Fortran is not merely a manual; it's your companion in the quest for knowledge, a key to unlocking a world of possibilities. As you journey through these pages, you'll find not just code snippets and explanations but a narrative that ignites your curiosity, a narrative that takes you from the fundamentals to the realms of advanced programming. This book doesn't just teach you Fortran; it nurtures your ability to think critically, to design elegant solutions, and to contribute meaningfully to the ever-expanding universe of scientific computing.
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Название: Quarkus in Action (MEAP v8)
Автор: Martin Stefanko, Jan Martiska
Издательство: Manning Publications
Год: 2024
Страниц: 702
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 14.6 MB

Build resilient and scalable, cloud-native, enterprise Java applications using the Quarkus framework. Quarkus in Action teaches you to build resilient and scalable cloud applications with Quarkus. It's written by Martin Stefanko and Jan Martiska, Red Hat engineers who are both active contributors to the Quarkus project. Working hands-on through a realistic business application, you'll use Quarkus to simplify the development process of a car rental application. Learn how Quarkus lets you live-reload your Java code, deliver continuous background testing, and automatically provide database instances, plus tons more productivity-boosting features. Quarkus is a Java framework that targets microservices and serverless system development. Quarkus emerged as an alternative to the existing Java microservices stacks to provide an application framework that delivers an unmatched performance benefits while still providing a development model utilizing the APIs (Application-Programming interfaces) of popular libraries and Java standards that the Java ecosystem has been practicing for years. Quarkus also puts a strong focus on developer productivity because, as developers know a technology’s productivity and usability are what is appreciated the most.
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Название: AI iQ for a Human-Focused Future: Strategy, Talent, and Culture
Автор: Seth Dobrin
Издательство: CRC Press
Серия: Chapman & Hall/CRC Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Series
Год: 2025
Страниц: 265
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.2 MB

AI iQ for a Human-Focused Future: Strategy, Talent, and Culture offers a pioneering approach to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI (GenAI) in business, emphasizing a business strategy first mindset over a technology-centric one. The book challenges the usual hype surrounding AI, advocating for a more realistic perspective. It delves into the evolution of AI, from traditional Data Science and Machine Learning to GenAI, all through the lens of strategic business application. Unlike other texts, it moves away from case studies, favoring practical, real-world advice from extensive field experience. The book presents strategies for creating an environment that not only accepts but thrives on AI, focusing on strategic leadership, talent development, and inclusivity. It highlights crucial roles, such as the Chief AI Officer, and emphasizes the importance of diversity in AI teams. In November 2022, GenAI took off when OpenAI released ChatGPT. This conversational interface allows anyone who can type or speak to interact with the model. ChatGPT was initially a front end for GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer version 3). GenAI is not a new technology. ChatGPT is merely a way for the public to use GenAI. Like statistics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, GenAI is part of a hierarchy as well. The base of the hierarchy is Deep Learning. The first layer under that is a concept known as foundation models. These Deep Learning models are pre-trained on an extensive data set (in the case of ChatGPT, a considerable portion of the internet). Foundation models train on a specific domain. Then, one can apply the model to their proprietary data to get the power of the extensive data without having the data, the skill, or the resources it took to build the foundation model. GenAI is a foundation model pre-trained on vast data sets to generate new data. GenAI comes in multiple flavors: language, speech, text, image, video, 3D images, and scientific-focused models (genetics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, etc.). To sum this up. ChatGPT is a large language model, a kind of GenAI, and various foundation models, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning models, all based on statistics.
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Название: Объектно Ориентированное Программирование. Настольная книга программиста
Автор: Комлев Н.Ю.
Издательство: СОЛОН-Пресс
ISBN: 978-5-91359-276-7
Год: 2018
Cтраниц: 298
Формат: pdf
Размер: 20 мб
Язык: русский

Объектно Ориентированное Программирование (ООП) - технология, которую обязан знать, понимать и применять каждый современный программист. Печально, когда программисты не знают, не понимают и не применяют, а, что еще хуже, - находятся в заблуждении, что знают, понимают и применяют. Прочитав эту книгу, вы узнаете все, что надо знать об ООП и даже немного больше, чтобы использовать эту технологию в своей работе. Материал изложен в краткой, понятной форме по принципу "от простого к сложному" и сопровождается необходимыми примерами.
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Название: C++ Compiler Construction: Mastering Language Processing
Автор: Theophilus Edet
Издательство: CompreQuest Books
Серия: Computer Science Fundamentals
Год: 2024
Страниц: 520
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, azw3, epub, mobi
Размер: 10.1 MB

Are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of compiler construction? Look no further than "C++ Compiler Construction: Mastering Language Processing" by Theophilus Edet. This comprehensive guide is designed to captivate the attention of developers, educators, and enthusiasts alike, offering an in-depth exploration of the intricate process of building compilers for the C++ programming language. Why Build Compilers with C++? C++, renowned for its power, flexibility, and performance, serves as an ideal choice for building compilers. As a high-level programming language with low-level capabilities, C++ offers developers a robust set of features and abstractions for expressing complex ideas and solving a diverse range of problems. Its rich standard library, support for various programming paradigms, and efficient memory management make it well-suited for implementing the intricate logic and optimizations required in compiler construction. Moreover, leveraging C++ for compiler development enables developers to write compilers that are not only efficient and reliable but also portable across different platforms and architectures. Understanding compiler construction is invaluable for developers, as compilers play a pivotal role in the software development lifecycle. Whether developing applications, libraries, or systems software, developers rely on compilers to translate their high-level code into executable machine instructions. By delving into the intricacies of compiler design and implementation, developers gain a deeper understanding of programming languages, memory management, optimization techniques, and system architecture.
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Название: ActivityPub: Programming for the Social Web (4th Early Release)
Автор: Evan Prodromou
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2024-05-02
Страниц: 327
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, azw3, epub, mobi
Размер: 10.1 MB

ActivityPub is the new standard for connecting social networks together on the social web. This open, decentralized social networking protocol defines an API for sharing activities to a social network and a procedure that servers use to distribute those activities to a subscriber's feed. With this book, you'll learn how to assemble ActivityPub-enabled clients for making new kinds of social apps on top of existing networks and build ActivityPub servers that create new human or automated accounts on the social web. With those skills under your belt, you can explore other applications of this publish-subscribe technology: content management systems, internet of things, and enterprise automation. With hands-on examples and in-depth knowledge from Evan Prodromou, one of the authors of the protocol, this is the ActivityPub handbook that every social software hacker needs. The goal of this book is to teach you how to use the standards of the social web to make cool software and help human beings connect in fascinating ways. You can use social web technologies to connect an existing project to the social web, or you can start something new from scratch. You can make a tool that only a few people will use or something that changes how people live their lives, online and off. Let’s take a quick look at the main relevant standards for social web software: Activity Streams 2.0 for data, the ActivityPub federation protocol for server interconnection, and the ActivityPub API for client-to-server programming.
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Название: Signal Processing with Python: A Practical Approach
Автор: Irshad Ahmad Ansari, Varun Bajaj
Издательство: IOP Publishing
Год: 2024
Страниц: 297
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 59.5 MB

This book explores the domain of signal processing using Python, with the help of working examples and accompanying code. The book introduces the concepts of Python programming via signal processing with numerous hands-on examples and code snippets. The book will enable readers to appreciate the power of Python in this field and write their code to implement complex signal processing algorithms such as signal compression, cleaning, segmentation, decomposition, and feature extraction and be able to incorporate machine learning models using relevant Python libraries. This book aims to bring together professionals from academia and industry to ignite new developments and techniques in the domain of signal processing with Python. Python, being an open source and popular language, has attracted a lot of application development. Signal processing has also seen tremendous growth in the recent past. The majority of signal processing work revolves around simulation and testing before the final hardware implementation. Many times, code-based implementation itself is sufficient. These implementations make use of a cloud processing unit for a faster and more efficient user experience. Python has been developed as a tool for simulation, visualization, understanding, and manipulation of signals. We will use Python libraries MNE, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas to preprocess and make data usable for further Machine Learning algorithms and models.
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Название: Learning Devsecops: A Practical Guide to Processes and Tools
Автор: Steve Suehring
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Год: 2024
Страниц: 363
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 11.2 MB

How do some organizations maintain 24-7 internet-scale operations? How can organizations integrate security while continuously deploying new features? How do organizations increase security within their DevOps processes? This practical guide helps you answer those questions and more. Author Steve Suehring provides unique content to help practitioners and leadership successfully implement DevOps and DevSecOps. Learning DevSecOps emphasizes prerequisites that lead to success through best practices and then takes you through some of the tools and software used by successful DevSecOps-enabled organizations. You'll learn how DevOps and DevSecOps can eliminate the walls that stand between development, operations, and security so that you can tackle the needs of other teams early in the development lifecycle. What is DevSecOps? It depends on who you ask. As defined in this book, DevSecOps is a set of agile and iterative practices that help to deliver software and technology systems rapidly, accurately, and repeatedly, emphasizing processes and people above tools. This book is for anyone interested in learning about DevSecOps and its predecessor, DevOps. You might be involved in development, operations, or security and want to learn about the melding of all three into a set of tools and processes for making production-level deployments easier. Being able to write code, commit and push the code, and have tests automatically executed on that code is one such practice in DevSecOps.
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