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Название: Ultimate Penetration Testing with Nmap: Master Cybersecurity Assessments for Network Security, Monitoring, and Scanning Using Nmap
Автор: Travis DeForge
Издательство: Orange Education Pvt Ltd, AVA
Год: 2024
Страниц: 195
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub (true)
Размер: 11.6 MB

Master one of the most essential tools a professional pen tester needs to know.

Book Description
This essential handbook offers a systematic journey through the intricacies of Nmap, providing both novice and seasoned professionals with the tools and techniques needed to conduct thorough security assessments with confidence. The purpose of this book is to educate and empower cyber security professionals to increase their skill set, and by extension, contribute positively to the cyber security posture of organizations through the use of Nmap.

This book starts at the ground floor by establishing a baseline understanding of what Penetration Testing is, how it is similar but distinct from other types of security engagements, and just how powerful of a tool Nmap can be to include in a pen tester’s arsenal. By systematically building the reader's proficiency through thought-provoking case studies, guided hands-on challenges, and robust discussions about how and why to employ different techniques, the reader will finish each chapter with new tangible skills.

Nearly anyone currently working in cyber security, or any student learning the fundamentals will inevitably come across Nmap. At its core, it is a port scanner that can empower the security analyst to gain additional insight into systems by looking at what ports and services are open. But to say that Nmap is just a port scanner would be akin to saying that paint is simply for walls. Sure, you can use Nmap as a simple port scanner just as you can simply paint the walls of your home eggshell white and call it a day. But in the right hands, just as a paintbrush can elevate a canvas into a work of art, Nmap can elevate the insight you provide to clients into something truly remarkable.

Throughout this book, we will be taking a deep dive into how you can leverage Nmap to its fullest extent to conduct world-class security assessments, demonstrate tremendous value to clients and employers, and provide real insight to help make the world a more secure place. We will be looking at each function of Nmap, starting from the very basics and progressing to advanced techniques. These methods are used to maintain stealth in an engagement, bypass firewalls, and help fine-tune blue-team detection capabilities.

This book is structured specifically to answer the common questions often asked when speaking to cyber security students, training junior penetration testers, and even when presenting security assessments to executives at multi-billion-dollar corporations. One of the phrases I hear the most in my professional life is “Wow, I didn’t know Nmap could do that”, and by the end of this book, you will start hearing that phrase too.

Each section of this book will build upon the last by introducing and explaining new skills, explaining with real-world stories of security assessments why those skills are so critical, and helping you solidify your understanding with hands-on practical exercises. Every penetration tester can run a Nmap scan; however, by the end of this book, you will be doing things with Nmap that most people assume requires an extremely expensive commercial product to do. You will be able to provide tremendous value and insight to any organization through a well-thought-out and systematic analysis of systems with a 100% free and open-source tool.

With practical best practices and considerations, you'll learn how to optimize your Nmap scans while minimizing risks and false positives.


Скачать Ultimate Penetration Testing with Nmap: Master Cybersecurity Assessments for Network Security, Monitoring, and Scanning Using Nmap


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