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Название: Intelligent Computing on IoT 2.0, Big Data Analytics, and Block Chain Technology
Автор: Mohammad S. Obaidat, Padmalaya Nayak, Niranjan K. Ray
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2024
Страниц: 418
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 14.1 MB

The book is designed as a reference text and explores the concepts and techniques of IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and blockchain. It also discusses the possibility of applying blockchain for providing security in various domains. The specific highlight of this book is focused on the application of integrated technologies in enhancing data models, better insights and discovery, intelligent predictions, smarter finance, smart retail, global verification, transparent governance, and innovative audit systems.

The book discusses the potential of blockchain to significantly increase data while boosting accuracy and integrity in IoT-generated data and AI-processed information.
It elucidates definitions, concepts, theories, and assumptions involved in smart contracts and distributed ledgers related to IoT systems and AI approaches.
The book offers real-world uses of blockchain technologies in different IoT systems and further studies its influence in supply chains and logistics, the automotive industry, smart homes, the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, and other areas.
It also presents readers with ways of employing blockchain in IoT and AI, helping them to understand what they can and cannot do with blockchain.

Chapter 1 is an introductory chapter that discusses the challenges involved in IoT 2.0, the integration of IoT and big data, and the role of blockchain in IoT networks to ensure security.
In Chapter 2, the authors have provided a detailed review of blockchain technology and its impact on the IoT network. However, several challenges are discussed in this chapter that need to be addressed and overcome before exploiting the full potential of the blockchain in IoT applications.
Chapter 3 presents an overview of cloud architecture, services, and applications of cloud technology. A real-time cloud-based weather forecasting system is presented.
Chapter 4 proposes a blockchain-based method to solve security and privacy issues. This chapter emphasizes blockchain technology as a possible solution to several IoT security and privacy issues.
An onion routing protocol is proposed in Chapter 5 along with blockchain technology to handle security and privacy in IoT networks. Blockchain technology verifies the authenticity of the IoT data at each stage of the OR network.
Chapter 6 presents the development of blockchain in the banking and financial industry while
Chapter 7 presents a blockchain-based warranty system solution that can be enforced to stop return abuse.
In Chapter 8, a mathematical queuing model is proposed for blockchain applications while
Chapter 9 discusses different types of components in IoT networks and the role of sensors in the IoT industry. This latter chapter also addresses the software and hardware issues in IoT networks and emerging trends in smart systems.
Blockchain development in various industries such as the financial industry, logistics industry, healthcare industry, and manufacturing industry is discussed in Chapter 10.
Chapters 20 and 21 present an intensive study and analysis of Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods to track malicious behaviors, network intrusion, and malware detection in IoT applications.

The book is aimed primarily at advanced undergraduates and graduates studying Computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, information systems, computational sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and information technology. Researchers and professionals will also find this book very useful.

Скачать Intelligent Computing on IoT 2.0, Big Data Analytics, and Block Chain Technology


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