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Название: Laravel 10: Small Reservation Project Step-By-Step
Автор: Povilas Korop
Издательство: Independently published
Год: 2023
Страниц: 296
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf +code
Размер: 12.2 MB

This text-based course is a detailed explanation of how I would create a project taken from Upwork: from analyzing the job description to actually finishing it off. I also include a lesson where I mimic the scenario of a client giving feedback which leads us to refactor one feature. Doesn't it happen in real life? So, this course is not about a specific topic, but the ideas behind it could be used for any typical reservation project. The goal is to show you my thinking process behind each step of how I would normally build such a project.
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Название: Fundamentals of Web Technology
Автор: Anil Kumar Yadav, Vinod Kumar Yadav
Издательство: Arcler Press
Год: 2022
Страниц: 270
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 41.2 MB

Web technology is necessary for today because the internet has become the number one source of information, and many of the conventional software applications have become web applications. Web technologies are the several tools and methods that are applied in the activity of communication between different types of devices over the internet. This book provides students and web developers with an understandable introduction to the web programming and scripting languages used to create Web sites and web applications. The main aim is to teach the programming concepts of different Web technologies and the fundamentals needed to program on the internet. This book reflects the author’s experience in teaching courses on internet and web technology for more than 12 years. This book provides students and web developers with an understandable introduction to the web programming and scripting languages used to create Web sites and web applications. We cover in this textbook fundamentals of internet, world wide web (WWW), HTML, CSS, jаvascript, XML, PHP, and connectivity with database using MYSQL and also cover the introduction of the web with Python and CGI scripting to manage web from data. The contents of the book have been thoroughly organized and spread over eight chapters. Each chapter begins with the basics introduction and describes with syntax, code, result output, diagrams, and examples.
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Название: Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML and CSS: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)) 2nd Edition
Автор: Guy Hart-Davis
Издательство: Visual/Wiley
Год: 2023
Страниц: 311
Язык: английский
Формат: epub
Размер: 54.1 MB

Level-up your HTML and CSS web development skills with this dynamic, visual guide. Teach Yourself VISUALLY HTML and CSS is the perfect resource for those of you who prefer to learn visually and would rather be shown how to do something – with crystal-clear screenshots and easy explanations – than suffer through long-winded explanations. You’ll find step-by-step walkthroughs showing you how to tackle over 120 individual tasks involving HTML and CSS. Each task-based spread covers a single technique, ensuring you learn first the basics and then more advanced topics one straightforward piece at a time. You'll learn to write HTML code in a text editor or an integrated development environment, add and format text, prepare images for the web, insert links to other pages, control layout with style sheets, add jаvascript to a web page, and more. This book is for the reader who has never used this particular technology or software application. It is also for readers who want to expand their knowledge.
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Название: jаvascript в кармане
Автор: Рева О.Н.
Издательство: М.: Эксмо
Год: 2008
Cтраниц: 256
Формат: pdf
Размер: 53 мб
Язык: русский

Если вы почувствовали, что вашим Web-страницам недостает динамичности, гибкости и собственного характера, обратитесь к сценариям, с их помощью вы сможете вдохнуть в него жизнь и собственный характер. Сценарии это небольшие программы, вписанные в НТМL-код Web-страницы, а jаvascript, пожалуй, наиболее популярный язык написания сценариев для Web-страниц. Этот язык создавался для широкого круга разработчиков Web-страниц, не являющихся профессиональными программистами. Желательно, чтобы читатель имел представление о коде HTML Web-страниц. Впрочем, сведений о HTML, представленных в этой книге, будет достаточно для создания новичками небольших персональных Web-страниц.
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Название: A Guide to UX Design and Development: Developer's Journey Through the UX Process
Автор: Tom Green, Joseph Labrecque
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2023
Страниц: 261
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 26.1 MB

Gain a thorough understanding of the two pillars of any User Experience project: the mission and the process. The mission is to keep the user in mind at each step or milestone as the developer progresses through the project. The process is how that mission is accomplished through collaboration and the use of research, design and development technologies. This book walks you through a developer's journey through the UX process, from start to finish. A Guide to UX Design and Development concentrates on the intersection of what is called “DesignOps” and “DevOps.” That intersection is where collaboration between all members of the team, including stakeholders and clients, occurs and neither DesignOps nor DevOps can go beyond being considered just buzzwords if they instead silo design and development. To highlight the UX Mission and illustrate the responsibility developers also hold for the user experience, authors Tom Green and Joseph Labrecque take you through a hypothetical project involving the development of a parking app for a municipal parking authority. As the book progresses, they concentrate on the developer's journey through the whole project from discovery to product release. In this journey, you will see how developers can make an impact and contribute to the user experience.
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Название: Безопасность веб-приложений. Исчерпывающий гид для начинающих разработчиков
Автор: Таня Янка
Издательство: Эксмо
Год: 2023
Формат: pdf, epub
Размер: 10 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Язык: Русский

У вас в руках идеальное руководство для тех, кто только начинает свой путь в веб-разработке и хочет научиться создавать безопасные веб-приложения. Автор подробно описывает основные уязвимости веб-приложений и предлагает практические советы по их предотвращению. Книга содержит множество примеров кода и наглядных иллюстраций, которые помогут вам лучше понять, как работают уязвимости и как их можно избежать.
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Название: The Art and Science of UX Design: A step-by-step guide to designing amazing user experiences
Автор: Anthony Conta
Издательство: New Riders
Год: 2023
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 79 Мб
Язык: английский / English

Today, every product or service needs to delight its users―and that means delivering an outstanding user experience (UX). In this full-color guide, leading user experience designer, Anthony Conta, guides you step by step through crafting these exceptional user experiences. The Art and Science of UX Design introduces a complete human-centered design framework for success, using practical examples based on his pioneering experience in the field. Learn to apply design thinking to understand your users’ wants, needs, goals, and frustrations as you transform empathy into one of your most powerful design tools. Once you’ve defined the right problems, you’ll master proven ideation techniques to quickly create promising solutions. You’ll walk through prototyping preliminary designs, testing and refining them based on users’ actual reactions, and clearly communicating all you’ve learned so colleagues can build what you’ve envisioned. Finally, you’ll learn practical ways to continually iterate and improve your offerings so they stay competitive (and delightful) far into the future.
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WordPress Security Secrets RevealedНазвание: WordPress Security Secrets Revealed: A Cybersecurity Consultant’s Guide to Stop Hackers on WordPress Websites that Power almost Half of the Internet
Автор: Sahil B.
Издательство: Notion Press
Год: 2023
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf, epub, mobi
Размер: 10.1 MB

Anyone can be a target today, be it a business website or personal blog. A minor security flaw could wipe out your entire website. So, is your WordPress website secure? WordPress Security Secrets Revealed is your must-have guide to securing your WordPress website. It introduces the various methods a hacker can use to infiltrate your website. You will learn to go beyond the default levels of security provided to strengthen your website further. Go the distance by securing your login, improved firewall, malware protection, and other cross-site cyberattacks. In addition, there is a detailed guide to choosing and securing your plugins and themes to avoid any potential leaks. You still stand a chance to lose everything if you do not monitor your website, for which step-by-step instructions have been provided. This handbook is essential for any WordPress website user to keep their websites secure. You will also get an additional case study of real-time threats and how they can be identified before you become their target.

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Mastering CSS: A Beginner's GuideНазвание: Mastering CSS: A Beginner's Guide
Автор: Sufyan bin Uzayr
Издательство: CRC Press
Год: 2024
Страниц: 447
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 21.0 MB

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an open-source programming language used in website building and HTML templates that integrates all relevant information related to web page displays. CSS is used to format the look and structure of a web page, as well as to set design features such as basic layout, colors, and fonts. CSS allows for continuity between different web pages on the website and makes webpage development easier and faster. This book has been created to help readers understand and learn the concepts of CSS. Mastering CSS is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to create a website. After finishing this book, readers will quickly build their website with absolute ease, even if they were utterly oblivious to it before.

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Название: HTML5 для веб-дизайнеров
Автор: Кит Джереми
Издательство: М.: Манн, Иванов и Фербер
Год: 2013
Cтраниц: 112, цвет.ил.
Формат: fb2, rtf
Размер: 12 мб
Язык: русский

Джереми Кит обладает способностью писать легко и доступно о сложных вещах и сразу выделять те определенно важные моменты, которые имеют значение для дизайнеров-разработчиков. В книге «HTML5 для веб-дизайнеров» он рассказывает о современных тенденциях в области web-разработок. В HTML5 появилось много интересных тэгов, в том числе поддержка аудио – и видеофайлов. Теперь вам не надо тратить время на установку плагинов для проигрывания музыки или видео – просто воспользуйтесь одним из новых тегов. Автор убеждает, что можно использовать структурные элементы HTML5 прямо сейчас, например назначить стиль любому элементу, который вы захотите изобрести, или начать использовать доступные вам дополнительные уровни заголовков. Книга Джереми Кит – настоящая инструкция по использованию HTML5.
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